The Impotence of Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega’s sponsor, Karen de la Carriere

By this point there are few who haven’t heard that Tony Ortega and his marauding gang of online trolls and bigots are hopelessly biased when it comes to offering anything close to ‘straight talk’ about Scientology.

This is because partisan hacks like Ortega and company who imagine themselves to be ‘crusaders for truth’, ironically, seem to have a hard time being intellectually honest with their readers, let alone themselves. 

We’ve seen over and over how intellectually dishonest blowhards like Tony Ortega repeatedly take things out of context, shoot from the hip, all while oversimplifying complex, nuanced, and multifaceted truths in order to shape them into weapons they can use to embarrass or discredit their supposed enemies, and further their self-serving agendas.

It’s been very disappointing to see so many people fooled over the years by Tony Ortega’s lies. But what do you expect from an individual who based his career (such as it was while he had one) on pumping massive amounts of disinformationinto the public sphere under the guise of ‘journalism’.

The impotence of Tony Ortega and the odd-ball collection of haters he seems to attract comes into sharp focus when you consider that for all the projection of their own guilt obvious in the slanderous allegations they make against Scientology, attorneys they’ve consulted have conclusively found time and time again that there are no charges which can brought against Scientology. 

And why, you may ask? 

That’s simple — because Scientology is not doing anything against the law.

Knowing this is the case, Ortega’s group of now-militarized lunatics decided instead to launch a hate-driven smear campaign instead. And as we have seen there is really no limit to the lies they are willing to concoct in their pursuit.

Real journalism is something Tony Ortega does not understand because real journalism is about telling the truth not about telling lies. 

But then, Ortega and his cabal of critics never had much use for the truth because truth has never been on their side.

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