The Latest Backpage Pimp To Fall

Another lowlife pimp, this one known as “Cadillac Black”, was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for trafficking two underage girls this week. It will come as no surprise to our regular readers to discover “Cadillac Black” used to advertise the young girls as prostitutes.

Christopher Hamlett, 26, also known as “Cadillac Black,” was found guilty of multiple counts of sex trafficking a minor, using a facility of interstate commerce to promote commercial sex and production of child pornography, following a trial in which the two underage victims and two adults testified that Hamlett was their “pimp,” records show.

As Assistant U.S. Attorney Nancy V. Gifford wrote in her sentencing memo: “Chillingly, Hamlett operated his business without regard to the consequences of his actions on the minor victims, the women, or his community,” In fact, when he was first arrested by federal law enforcement charges, Hamlett’s response to hearing that he was charged with sex trafficking of minors was an indifferent, ‘you mean selling [expletive]?’”

Authorities said that Hamlett recruited the two girls — one 16 years old and the other 17 years old — to work as prostitutes. To find clients, authorities said that Hamlett took sexually explicit photos of the two underage girls and posted them to Backpage.

Our readers will recall this was precisely the sort of criminality campaigners against child sex trafficking accused Backpage of repeatedly engaging in.

Un-coincidentally, this was exactly what Backpage Propagandist-At-Large, Tony Ortega spilled so much ink trying to convince us was nothing more than an imagined product of ‘media hysteria’.

More on this story as it develops.

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