The Most Important Thing on The Internet

Recently we commented on the delusions of the likes of so-called ‘critics’ Leah Remini and Tony Ortega, suggesting that they spin the narrative and manipulate their audiences in order to present themselves as somehow being authorities on the subject of their obsessive witch hunt.

Well, leave it to Tony O., who in less than 24 hours proved us right on his very own Twitter feed while responding to a commenter who raised the question of Scientology’s international presence around the globe growing in power and stature.

Check out Tony’s ironically un-ironic response below: Straight from the horse’s mouth, Tony Ortega claims his cheapo do-it-yourself blog is “pretty much the most important thing on the Internet”. Spare us Tony. Your blog is about as ‘most important’ as black mold in a bunker basement — and just about as ‘Super sweet.’

Of course it wouldn’t be a Tony Ortega post if it didn’t conclude with a little shameless self-promotion and Tony wastes no time in doing exactly that, hawking his literary ‘black mold’ as a great gift idea and begging for your money.

Keep it classy, Tony Ortega. You may never be the most important thing on the Internet but you’ll always be the most predictable.

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