The Pimp and The Pyramid Scheme

We have written about Tony Ortega and the economic incentive he had in maintaining the Backpage hierarchy of pimps controlling the victims they exploited. We suggested in that piece that Tony Ortega was a willing participant in this scheme, unlike the many nameless victims Backpage took advantage of as it generated hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising profits.

Today another story came across our desks, demonstrating yet again how the pimp pyramid model Backpage set up (and which Tony Ortega worked so hard to propagate) was used to intimidate, bully and victimize those women and young children it profited off of.

And just like yesterday’s story about Tony Ortega’s greed and his desire for the promise of a just one more paycheck this case, too, involves the pipe dream promise of riches.

Recently a court heard the case of violent human trafficker named Deion D” Cuvilie, who admitted he preyed on and exploited teenage girls by using a combination of get-rich quick promises, intimidation and violence to procure and control the teens who feared for their lives.

Cuvilie, who was already under a firearm ban, pleaded guilty last month to eight charges, including two counts of human trafficking, procuring to provide sexual services, possession of a rifle, two breaches of a gun ban and trafficking crack cocaine.

Prosecuting attorneys were successful in showing exactly how Cuvilie lured two different teens from the same small town in the fall of 2017 to provide sexual services as so-calledescorts” for the Backpage sex trafficking syndicate.

He would choke the teens if they didnt do as he ordered and the firearm he kept tucked in his waistband was more than enough to strike fear into the girls.

Indeed, during the trial in court one of Cuvilie’s “Backpage girls” admitted she feared she “might end up dead” if she didn’t engage in multiple sex acts with strangers online.

She was immersed in an intimidating environment over which she had no control and feared for her life.

Tony might have been one brick in this giant pyramid scheme but he pimped himself out willingly, knowingly, and eagerly.

Ask yourself, is this what Tony Ortega had in mind when he spun the lie we saw him devise in our story yesterday; the lie that Backpage was only ever about connecting consenting adults? Or was Tony Ortega an integral part of this pyramid scheme conspiracy designed to help profit the pimps at the top while exploiting victims like these poor small town teens?

By this point the answer is only too clear…

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