The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Long ago, people used to cook over an open flame using crudely made copper kettles and iron pots. While the copper kettles were usually cleaned and polished after every use, the iron pots were not and remained blackened from the soot from previous cookings.

Some ancient wit from that period of history got the idea that if the iron pot were alive and happened to look at a nearby copper kettle it would see nothing but its soot-stained image. The iron pot believes it’s seeing the image of the copper kettle when in reality, because the copper kettle was highly polished, what the iron pot was seeing was simply a reflection of its own filthy state. Ever since, the symbolic phrase ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ has become associated with the outlandish hypocrisy of an accuser seeing something in someone else which is nothing more than his own fault reflected back to him.

Proving once again that furious Internet troll Tony Ortega is categorically unable to comprehend even the slightest irony, let alone the whole ‘goodwill toward men’ focus of the holiday season, just hours ago posted the following picture to his Propaganda -excuse me- Twitter feed.

We can’t think of a more textbook example of this parable in action than Tony Ortega bemoaning ‘slander’; a short-sighted, pot-bellied vessel seeing his own filth in the reflected shine of his betters.

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