The Puppets Dance At Howdy Con


Last year’s annual con of Tony Ortega and his critic co-conspirators met up to presumably sit in a dank basement and plot their next move.

According to the con’s “official website”, the exact reason for the event remains unclear, though it does explicitly welcome “beer lovers, stoners, theater groupies and people who think that aliens built a city underneath the Denver International Airport’.

So far it sounds like the sort of company Tony Ortega might be expected to keep. (Perhaps Ortega’s flesh trade peddlers have their own separate convention?)

Organizers ‘explain’ the meaning behind it all this way:

The meaning of HowdyCon however … might not be the same for everyone. Please feel free to share what HowdyCon means to you.”

In light of the invitation to share, we’re going to go out on a limb and suggest it might be named after the old TV program Howdy Doodie, in which a dancing puppet on strings performed for immature minds inside a circus tent. That would just about sum up the level of critical thinking at work during the three day affair.

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