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With all the talk lately about Tony Ortega’s prolonged joblessness and chronic unemployment, it seemed like a worthwhile idea to check in on what Tony has been up to lately. Searches of major media outlets, publishing houses and even small time gossip blogs have yet to yield up a single hit. So deafening is the silence it leads one to wonder whether Tony Ortega hasn’t finally gone and made himself persona non grata in the world of media.

In fact, it appears the last time Tony Ortega’s name was attached to a creative writing project of any kind it turned out to be his misguided book attempt from more than three years ago! Remember than one? The book about his pet obsession Scientology that lead to his getting fired from the Village Voice. You know the one, the book about which Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke of The Observer reported an ex-staffer from the Village Voice as claiming that Ortega’s increased obsession with Scientology caused him to neglect even editing features, ultimately resulting in his termination? Yeah, that one.

It won’t come as much shock to learn it was quite a search to find a review of this book. It would appear it was not a popular purchase by many readers. (In fact, Amazon currently lists it on it’s “Best Sellers List” at #208,076 with a bullet.) Ouch!

Several of the reviews the book’s lonely Amazon page chose to highlight were most enlightening however:






Read Ortega at your peril”… Now that’s a review worth listening to!

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