The Shameful Bigots Tony Ortega Champions Sure Look An Awful Lot Like… Tony Ortega

We recently published a story about Tony Ortega’s well-documented support for bigots and the intolerant. Specifically, we looked at how Tony Ortega rushed to the defense of one of these more egregious proponents of hate in a bloated article Ortega had written for an Arizona tabloid some 22 years ago.

Though officials for Scientology had made it abundantly clear just how dangerous this individual was (indeed, even Ortega himself confesses that this particular bigot was included “on a list of nine of Scientology’s all-time worst enemies,”) Ortega flatly refused to acknowledge that this should in any way be cause for concern to the residents of the community.  

Really? If someone who advocated kidnapping and death moved into your neighborhood you don’t think that would be cause for some measure of concern?! 

All of this had many of us wondering if Tony Ortega is operating under the delusion that hate speech equals free speech. It certainly would explain a lot if Tony Ortega would just come out and admit it already.

Digging deeper into the story, however, revealed that there might be another, more sinister, reason Tony Ortega was so keen on defending this individual. Ortega writes of the man:

“[He] is one of the most dedicated of the church’s many critics. Never a member of the religion, [he] participates with other critics in an Internet debate about Scientology. And like several other hard-core local critics, he occasionally pickets the Valley’s lone Church of Scientology on University Drive in Mesa as well as churches in California and Florida.”

Ah ha… Suddenly the picture is coming into clearer focus isn’t it?

Tony Ortega supports this deadbeat “hard-core” critic who wastes his time posting hate speech and slurs on Internet forums precisely because Tony Ortega is exactly this same kind of deadbeat “hard-core” critic who wastes his time posting hate speech and slurs on Internet forums.

What is more, Tony Ortega continues to further the parallel between himself and this individual noting of him that, “he enjoys being a thorn in the side… Because, well, it’s fun.”

Read that again: he’s a liability and an annoyance to all around him “because, well, it’s fun.” Now ask yourself if that description doesn’t bear an eerie resemblance to a certain unemployed tabloid basement dweller we know…

Would it come as any surprise to anyone to learn that Tony Ortega’s idea of the perfect bigot might look an awful lot like, well, Tony Ortega?

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