The Sleazy Backpage Orbit Revolves Around Men Like Tony Ortega

Just when you think the seemingly endless legacy of filth Backpage has produced over the years couldn’t possibly get any more grotesque, a story like today’s pops up in the headlines.

Tony Ortega

As with so many stories that seem to circle the spectacularly corrupt orbit of Tony Ortega, this one started with a with an unscrupulous operator who used his position to victimize others much in the way Tony, ever the opportunistic hustler, built his so-called career — using and abusing others for his own gain.

According to the uncontested report, an attorney from Tampa Florida named Andrew Spark was caught this week by the County Sheriff department taking sexual advantage of women in several county jails in the area.

Shauna Boselli and her husband/turned-Backpage pimp, Richmond McDonald, made adult films starring Boselli. But it was videos they made featuring a 7-year-old child which led them to the county lock-up in November 2017 to await formal court sentencing.

On Nov. 25, 2017, two days before Boselli would get 40 years in federal prison and McDonald would get life, Spark visited Boselli. He knew them from meeting the couple at an earlier porn convention attended by a number of Boselli’s Backpage clients. Between then and the prison visit, Spark wanted to shoot some porn with Boselli, but they couldn’t agree on a price.

To speak with her on his Nov. 25, 2017, visit to the jail, however, Spark flashed his Florida Bar identification, acted as if he was Boselli’s attorney and was allowed to meet with her.

As the official transcript of the case itself reads:

He really duped the system because he shouldnt have access to her…He wasnt her lawyer; he wasnt representing her. But as an attorney, hes given the courtesy of going into the jail to meet with clients.”

Faking his identity to spin a tale of lies before taking advantage of the fools he’d conned into believing him… Remind you of anyone we know? From where we stand this sounds a lot like the motives that have kept Tony Ortega in business for the last couple of decades.

Spark told Boselli he was making a series of porn videos of female inmates giving him oral sex. In return, he’d put money in their jail commissary account. He also bragged he’d done similar videos with another inmate named “Rose.”

The whole plot unraveled when Boselli told family members who told law enforcement. Investigators found Antoinette Rose Napolitano, for whom Spark had done pro bono work before her arrest on drug charges. The report indicates Spark also had been a sex customer of Napolitano after also meeting her through Backpage.

Investigators found that Spark had visited Napolitano on Oct. 12, 2017, the report said, also “under the guise of official attorney business and entered a secure, unmonitored, attorney/client visitation room with the inmate.”

Spark used his tablet to record Napolitano giving him oral sex. It was then cops convinced Napolitano to be an undercover agent for them.

When Spark returned on Dec. 17, 2017, to see Napolitano, he again used his Florida Bar ID and attorney privileges to take her into the attorney/client room. Spark prepared for the usual arrangement to commence.

As the report details:

Law enforcement then entered the room and arrested [Spark], who had his zipper down,

After Spark’s arrest, investigators searched his electronic devices with a warrant and found photos of yet an inmate. A check of jail phone records found a recorded call from Oct. 12, 2017, during which this inmate asked Spark for money. He said he would but it would be an advance against her fee for the first porn shoot.

The report says Spark put $10 in her account.

When you think about it, it is no accident that Backpage continues to spawn these cheap sleazy spectacles even long after its demise. Backpage was, after all, endorsed and supported by the likes of Tony Ortega, a renowned broker of sleaze, deception and and unethical practice from well before the dark era of the Backpage human sex ring.

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