The Sleazy World of Paul Haggis and his Private Eyes

So it seems Paul Haggis hit a new low today after it was reported he hired a private investigator to dig through the trash of publicist Haleigh Breest after she filed a lawsuit against him claiming he raped her five years ago following an infamous movie premiere.

Haggis, it is said, began the process by filing his own suit against Breest claiming she was attempting to blackmail him, and has hired former FBI agent Mark Mershon to take a closer look into her personal life.

The article posted on quotes a source as saying:

He’s trying to track down her friends and old roommates and asking them every question under the sun: whether she is financially responsible, hangs out with seedy characters, does drugs, or just if there is anything suspicious about her It shows the lengths this guy is going to, to try and discredit someone who is accusing him of misconduct.”

Tellingly it seems the investigator has been calling those in Breest’s inner circle out of the blue and not “specifically saying he is working on behalf of Haggis.” Could this be the mark of a truly sleazy investigator looking whatever dirt he can find?

Haggis’ lawyer Christine Lepera denies Haggis’s shady PI has been concealing his connection to the accused rapist claiming instead that “nothing inappropriate or irrelevant is being investigated,” but that would seem to be empty lip service.

Breest’s lawyer, however, Ilann Maazel left little question that this was in fact “a dirty attempt by Mr. Haggis to harass, silence and intimidate Ms. Breest. It won’t work. As to Mr. Haggis’ claim, it’s false.”

Meanwhile Tony Ortega is keeping this quiet even though he continues to blog from his hotel room in Citta di Castello, Italy. 





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