The Smart Money


The smart money has never been on Tony Ortega’s career as a journalist.

Fired from practically every job his ever held in the publishing world, Ortega now resorts to the last bastion of the unpublishable – micro-blogging.

Comparisons between Tony Ortega’s micro-blog and cheap supermarket tabloids has become something of a running joke in the publishing world since he began obsessively blogging about Scientology sometime around 2008, imagining it would be a golden goose for him to exploit with increasingly outlandish fictions.

Throughout his continuous micro-rants against religion of any kind, Ortega will often lament that actual media outlets and professional journalists overlook his blog posts or that their coverage of Scientology contradicts his own claims and allegations about Scientology. He has never once admitted that the reason for this is that he is simply not a credible nor legitimate “journalist” at all. Actual professional journalists uniformly ignore what he has to write or say. And this infuriates Tony to no end. His hostility to being called out on this point will send him into an apoplectic rage with any attempt to point it out in his comments section or twitter feed earning you a permanent block.

So much for telling both sides of the story, Tony.

And all to what end? Publishers Weekly has repeatedly gone on the record saying, “Books critical of Scientology just don’t sell very well, and that’s been true for years. The popular interest just isn’t there.”

In fact, sales figures for anti-Scientology literature have always been consistently disappointing. One need only pay a visit to large discount or used booksellers to find dozens of untouched copies of these books just sitting there catch dust on shelves and in overstocked, poorly lit backrooms.

So what is it all for? Clearly there is no money in it. Ortega has been at this a decade now, yet remains unemployed and still has to sponge off his wife and parents-in-law.

Is it simply that Ortega is obsessively bulldozing ahead on his one-man crusade to destroy Scientology like Don Quixote tragically charging windmills he imagined to be dragons?

The smart money says yes.

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