The Theft Cover Up

The following information was provided by someone who decided to step forward and reveal how the John Joseph was involved in stealing mail from a church in Arizona and provided the stolen mail to Karen de la Carriere and Tony Ortega.

When John Joseph was expelled by his church he began committing mail theft, regularly stealing mail addressed to his former church in Tucson. He stole a variety of mail such as personal letters, DVDs, publications and many other packages addressed to the persons of the church. Joseph would drive to the church address and steal the mail directly from the church mail box. He became a specialist in stealing DVDs of church events and celebrations, which he then passed on to Karen de la Carriere and Tony Ortega.

John Joseph

John Joseph also published some of these stolen materials under a pseudonym on a website owned by David St. Lawrence. The source of this information told us that Joseph and St. Lawrence had an FTP site set up in Panama where they uploaded some of the DVDs that Joseph stole from the church.

John Joseph died while he was under investigation by Arizona authorities.

Tony Ortega praised John Joseph in an blog he published on July 5, 2014, in which he wrote:

“John Joseph, 1955-2014: a friend to the Underground Bunker. We knew him only as Plain Old Thetan. He began communicating with us during our Village Voice days, and quickly became one of our most productive and most trusted sources about what was happening inside the Church of Scientology.”

Ortega, as he often does with his embellished blogs, tried to portray his thief as some kind of “hero.” But Ortega intentionally left out one important detail: that his most trusted source was repeatedly committing mail theft, an attempt on Ortega’s part to cover up that he was receiving stolen goods. Regardless, there is no way to whitewash these plainly criminal offenses. Having been expelled by the church, Joseph no longer had legal access to the church premises. The only way he could provide Ortega with such information was through mail theft.

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