The Tony Ortega + Backpage: A Formula For Evil

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is cracking down on the multi-billion dollar business of human trafficking in the U.S. The very same line of work Tony Ortega so proudly, if tone-deafly, defended as an ‘honest exchange between consenting people’. That characterization, like so much that comes out of the mouth of Tony Ortega, was a big fat lie.

Just two months ago, 1,700 people were arrested nationwide for committing child sex and exploitation crimes as part of a nationwide DOJ initiative called, “Operation Broken Heart”, the AP news service reports. The groundwork laid by Backpage and given ‘journalistic cover’ (in its loosest, most offensive sense) by Tony Ortega have paved the way for the unprecedented explosion of sex trafficking and the increased need for such federal sting operations, much of which we’ve been tracking here on this blog.

“As the perception of sexual exploitation of children continues to move from windowless vans in back alleys to Dark Web sites on the Internet, the investigation and prosecution of these vile crimes must continue to evolve. We are determined, with our law enforcement partners, to find these criminals wherever they try to hide and protect the innocent from victimization.”

As Bobby L. Christine, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia notes,

This operation, conducted during April and May by the Internet Crimes Against Children task forces, resulted in the arrests of nearly 1,700 suspected online child sex offenders, identifying 308 offenders and 357 child victims.

The task forces investigated more than 18,500 complaints of technology-facilitated crimes targeting children and delivered more than 2,150 presentations on Internet safety to over 201,000 youth and adults nationwide, the DOJ reports.

Let’s do the math: 18,500 online crimes against children + 1700 arrests + 308 pimps + 357 child victims.

Anyway you add it up, Tony Ortega’s continued support of Backpage and the on-going damage it does to children and families across the world equates to nothing less than evil.

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