The ‘Tony Ortega’ Tony Ortega Doesn’t Want You To See

Tony Ortega had tried to pull the wool over the public’s eyes when he published his sensationalized fake story about billionaire Bruce McMahan. We suggested yesterday that Ortega had used the flimsiest of pretexts based upon evidence Tony either knew to be false or cared so little whether it was or wasn’t that he did absolutely nothing to try and confirm its authenticity.

Ortega bought into the lies because it gave him a chance to publish a lurid article about a prominent citizen.  He didn’t do a thing at all to verify these allegations because whether what he writes is true or not has never been a concern to Tony Ortega.  He ran with the article because it was his one shot for fame. And he blew it.

Perhaps you’re beginning to see a parallel here between the disturbing lack of integrity in Tony’s past disregard for good journalistic practice and unemployed, hack who now lives in his wife’s basement where he invents salacious drama about Scientology for the homemade blog that keeps him busy during his ample free time.

So now we have a situation where Tony Ortega finds himself in an unusual place. He no longer has a publication like the Village Voice, or a gossipy website like Raw Story to use as his bully pulpit against innocent and defenseless people. He is on the other side of the docket now, having become the subject of the same unwelcomed critical attention he long lavished on others. The key difference here being, we think facts matter. Luckily for us, the truth about Tony Ortega is every bit as shocking as anything a deranged basement blogger could ever invent.

Maybe Tony will announce he’s started working on yet another self-published book? An autobiography perhaps? We all remember how his story about quitting the Village Voice to write a book generated near-deafening hoots of derision. In the world of journalism, “leaving my job to write a book” is standard code for “I’ve been fired and have no idea what I’m doing next.” — which certainly sounds a lot more like the Ortega we know. The Tony Ortega Tony Ortega doesn’t want you to see.

The Tony Ortega that’s is jobless.

The Tony Ortega who remains an open joke in New York media circles.

The Tony Ortega who lies as naturally as a snake slithers.

The bully who lost his pulpit, crushed by the weight of those Tony Ortega lies.

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