The True Cost of Ortega’s Self-serving Deceit

When we last left the heart breaking saga of the mother whose daughter was coerced into the dark and dangerous world of Backpage and its illicit sex trafficking trade we learned that after days of no communication the young girl finally returned home, telling her mother very little.

The mother, who has asked to remain anonymous, continues her story:

 “I was told bits and pieces of her experience, that she had met a female via Facebook and this friend invited to her a party in the city and being 16, I suppose my daughter felt it was going to be cool to hang out with an older friend and go to a party in the city.

 It was then that my daughter was introduced to a man in his 40’s, a pimp. She was drugged, raped and forced to work.”

 Drugged. Raped. And forced to work. Compare that to the lie Tony Ortega repeated spouted whenever given the chance to open his fat mount on subject, ‘Backpage exists solely so that people can freely express themselves—sometimes in ways that make other people uncomfortable.’

If the drugged raping of a child who is then forced into a life of sex slavery doesn’t make you uncomfortable, then you are probably as morally bankrupt as Tony Ortega and his millionaire pimp pals.

The mother’s story continues:

 My daughter shared little with me about her experience other than there was a weapon involved and drugs, and she was not supposed to ever come home.

 What I can share that as a parent during this time I had never felt so helpless, devastated, lost, shocked and alone. I just kept thinking aloud stuff like this does not happen, this is crazy. There just are not people this cruel in the world.

I really thought this only happened in the movies, it was so surreal.

How could men buy and sell these young people, how?

 It made me sick, pretty much drove me to madness.”

 This is the true cost of the lie Tony Ortega created. It is a truth we rarely get to see as so many of the real people whose lives were damaged and destroyed by Backpage suffer in silence, without a platform to share their stories.

Indeed, the true cost of the malicious in/action of greedy pigs who callously sat by as countless children were sexually exploited for financial gain is echoed every time a devastated mother like this speaks.

There is, nor can there be, any excuse for pimp enablers like Tony Ortega. We must demand justice for parents and children alike whose lives they heartlessly ruined through their self-serving deceit.

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