The Twisted Fictions of A Self-important Bigot

Well, it seems we may have opened the floodgates here with our recent stories regarding Tony Ortega’s lack of journalistic integrity. We here at the offices are finding ourselves somewhat overwhelmed at the moment by readers sending us further examples of Tony Ortega’s complete lack of professionalism.

Each example of Tony Ortega’s almost criminal lack of integrity in the workplace paints a picture of dangerous instability. It’s also interesting to note just how many of Ortega’s favorite themes seem to come up again and again from his pre-Backpage early days — his apologism for all manner of sex offenders, the bullying/demeaning attitude toward women, etc…

Today’s sample of Tony Ortega giving away the game and showing the true colors of his bigotry was sent in by a former reader of Tony’s short-lived opinion column, called ‘The Kansas Strip’.

While the offensive piece in question has now been stripped from the paper’s official website (for good reason!), our tipster supplied us with text of the official letter of complaint to the paper’s editor.

Even without the context of Ortega’s original article we get a very clear impression of Tony’s signature bigotry. The letter reads:

I have been sitting here trying to find a civil and unbiased way to respond to this. Then I realized that Mr. Ortega didnt put that effort into his own article, so why should I put it into my response? Mr. Ortega is acting like a bigot — bigger than any Westport merchant. He sees a new establishment open up in Westport, and because it does not cater to illegal minors and appeals to working-class people regardless of their race, he automatically assumes that it is an establishment set up solely to chase off black youth.

Is he insane? Has he ever owned a business? People do not open a place of business to scare people away — they open a place of business to make money. Period. As far as kids loitering around drinking establishments after dark … well, he should complain to the city, not complain about the bars.

In the future, Mr. Ortega should consider the ramifications of what he is doing a story on as well as the basis of that story in reality, because what he wrote is obviously a story — a grand work of fiction.

He takes a few things that he claims are obvious bias, backs nothing up with any facts, and uses these fabricated racial profiling or discrimination charges and twists them to suit his own little self-important race issue.

Martin Luther King Jr. would be ashamed of you, Mr. Ortega.

– Jeramy Gruber

Kansas City, Kansas

This condemnatory appraisal from the the summer of 2004 presages all that was to come in the intervening 16 years and could stand as functional critic of all the work Tony has ever done.

Indeed, who could sum Tony Ortega up better than describing him as “twisting fiction to suit his own little self importance”.

That is, after all, Tony Ortega in a nutshell.

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