The Video Tony Ortega Doesn’t Want You to See

Since starting this blog scores of recommend reading and helpful links have been pouring in.

This week a particularly interesting youtube clip emerged, which corroborates a lot of what we’ve been covering the last few weeks — namely, compulsive liar Tony Ortega and his close ties to the seedy world of human sex trafficking.

This video overview of Tony Ortega exposes not only his links to the now infamous scandal but discusses how his paycheck at the Village Voice was sustained through their money-making efforts. It also clearly shows how he defended and the way it made money for him.

Since this video was released there’s been absolute silence on the matter from Tony Ortega. Isn’t he meant to be a champion protector of women and girls? How could that be if he condones child prostitution and endorses adult prostitution – known to objectify, exploit and enslave women?

Here’s a question worth asking: Why the silence, Tony Ortega? Could it be because you know everything in the video is so clearly undeniable? Might it be in the end that confronting hate with the truth is the most effective way to silence you?

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