The World-wide Impact of Backpage Tony Ortega Doesn’t Want You To Know About

For all our discussion of the tremendous damage the child-sex selling web site Backpage which Tony Ortega staunchly defended and even bragged about, ours was hardly the only country ravaged by its lustful greed. Over the weekend an overseas reader sent in a reminder that his country, Australia, was also ruthlessly victimized by the mob-like business model Ortega promoted.

These are the facts Tony Ortega won’t ever tell you.

Official records show hundreds of Australian women were tricked, coerced and otherwise threateningly pressured into selling themselves via paid advertisements on one of the many international portals connected to the Backpage website.

Contrary to what Ortega and the Backpage cheerleaders would have you believe, these ads were being posted daily by ruthless pimps across 12 major Australian cities. 

Disguised to varying degrees as ‘escort services’, Backpage hosted paid advertisements which included explicit photos and details about the services provided by the kids – children as young as 13 – they were selling to faceless online perverts.

And it wasn’t just happening in Australia. 

In Toronto, which was branded the ‘hub’ of all sex trafficking in Canada, already strained police resources were pressed into routinely scouring the Backpage’s Canadian portal for victims resulting in an inability to respond to other potentially life and death crimes.

In New Zealand, where young women and girls were also being advertised on the site, police said there was reasonable cause to believe ‘serious violations of the law’ were being committed by Backpage. 

As a result they began contacting credit card companies, urging them to sever all commercial ties with the Backpage child sex empire.

Emboldened by events across the sea in America which led to the forcible closure of Backpage by armed U.S. officials, some of those victimized by Backpage overseas began to speak up.

According to the New Zealand Herald, three teenage girls sexually exploited at the hands of Backpage launched a suit suing the U.S. company for knowingly and willfully allowing them to be “bought and sold” as prostitutes. 

Of course, none of this is information Tony Ortega wants you knowing anything about. 

As Backpage Chief Apologist, Backpage was Tony Ortega’s bread and butter, after all, and James Larkin and Michael Lacey were paying him for one reason and one reason alone – to keep us all in the dark about the horrific global damage Backpage was busy getting rich off of. 

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