They Can’t Escape Justice

Recently we helped break the story of an unnamed young woman who was manipulatively coerced by a pimp into selling herself for sex with anonymous strangers on the Internet, filling Backpage’s coffers in the process.

As we’ve previously reported, sex trafficking is a growing problem and thriving business thanks in part to men like Tony Ortega who willingly took to his ad-hoc soapbox to defend the sort of inhuman callousness it takes to look the other way in the face of these crimes.

Far the ‘First Amendment issue’ Tony Ortega would have us believe was driving Backpage, sex trafficking children online is a national emergency.

The last five years have seen a rise in cases reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. In Texas, alone, those reported cases have more than doubled. There were 437 cases reported in 2013, by the time federal authorities raided Backpage and officially put them out of business a mere 5 years later there were over 1,000.

Previously, we hinted that Backpage survivors are taking aim at a new silent co-conspirator in this scheme — the hotels who ignored every red flag in book. Now a teenage victim in Houston is launching a very public shot across the bow to all those who allowed this to happen.

She’s suing three Houston hotels who at the time, in 2016 and 2017 when the allegations occurred, operated as Candlewood Suites, Clarion Inn and Suites – Westchase and Red Roof Inn.

The attorney for the young girl says hotel employees befriended his client. In the lawsuit, it claims she was given free food and toiletries by hotel staff because they knew about her situation. The young woman also claims she was even solicited by the guy working the front desk at the Clarion.

As her lawyer noted: “If there’s criminal activity going on, they have a duty if they know about it or should know about it to put a stop to it so their visitors are not harmed.”

Going after the hotels, she hopes will keep establishments from turning a blind eye and remind girls the bad guys won’t win because they can’t escape justice. We hope you’re paying attention Tony Ortega!

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