Those in Glass Houses

Sometimes you can tell as much about a Twitterer by what they repost as what they post. In a case like Tony Ortega this fact begins to blur a little as so much of what he tweets he has plagiarized either from others or (as in the case of his recent “self-published book”) plagiarized from himself.

All of this to say, it was borderline comical to see what Tony Ortega chose to repost just the other day. A Twitter bully named Bitcoin Truther thought it would be absolutely hilarious to attack Scientology over how few recent posts from its official account, including some regarding serious tragedies, received “likes”.

What keen wit on display, as if ‘liking’ news of a tragedy were something one should somehow be proud of, let alone a thing to be joking about.

Well Tony Ortega apparently thought this joke was too good not to retweet and so that’s exactly what he did. With his signature lack of self understanding, Ortega seems to miss that the real joke is his own twitter base of followers is the smallest fraction of that of Scientology’s official account. And it’s a good day for Tony when his numerous plagiarized retweets garner even a second glance.

Who does he think he is?

It’s a question we ask a lot around here, and sadly it’s one we know the answer to all too well. He thinks he’s a big deal. He thinks he’s someone people look to as an authority on a subject he knows precious little about. In short, he thinks he’s in on the joke, unaware that he is the joke.

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