To Tony Ortega Consent Means “Nothing”

Another day, another scandal facing Tony Ortega. Today’s comes courtesy of an eagle-eyed reader who spotted the following exchange in Tony’s Twitter feed after he elected to “burn” one of his sources for an article he was concocting in preparation for the next season of Leah Remini’s show. He is been so eager to ingratiate himself with producers that now he is taken to promoting them by any means necessary including betraying his sources.

After reaching out to a source known as “Z” Tony began with his usual tactic of feigning friendship and concern, coaxing everything he could from her. When he had gleaned all that he wanted from her under his phony guise, he went public with her story WITHOUT HER CONSENT.
A friend of Ortega’s source called him out for his blatant abuse on Twitter, saying:

How many times does it need to be said? Under no circumstances should anyone confide in or place their “journalistic” trust in Tony Ortega. You are a commodity he will use and discard as soon as he has what he needs from you. Routinely Ortega violates the journalistic code of ethics. Routinely he uses and misleads his sources. Routinely he victimizes then plays the victim card.

Enough is enough. Tony Ortega is a discredit to journalism and not to be trusted. Aaron Smith-Levin gets Tony Ortega exactly right: he is toxic and everything he touches dies.

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