Tony Ortega: All in the Family

Tony Ortega and his equally suspect wife, Arielle Silverstein, have a history of palling around with some of the worst of the worst.

In the same way Tony Ortega went to bat for his old bosses Michael Lacey and James Larkin over at the Backpage in their pursuit of building a half-billion dollar enterprise from the sale of children to online perverts for sex, Tony and Arielle seem to attract unsavory scumbags in their personal and professional lives the way a sack of hot garbage attracts flies.

Take Anonymous for example, the infamous group of cyberterrorists the FBI has placed on its watch list for (among other crimes) threatening to blow up seven football stadiums around the country using “dirty bombs”. We’ve previously chronicled the dark co-conspiracy that exists between Tony Ortega, Arielle Silverstein and the Anonymous mob before.

The Homeland Security Secretary under Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano, cited Anonymous as a serious domestic threat, remarking that when discussing potential cybersecurity threats within the agency, “We often used Anonymous as Exhibit A.”

Unsurprisingly, Tony Ortega views them in a much more friendly light, defending their actions just like he did for his human sex trafficking bosses.  And just like with Backpage, Tony Ortega would take to the pages of his Village Voice rag to praise their multiple hate crime attacks against Scientology, like the time in 2008, when Anonymous henchmen launched a series of cyberattacks against Scientology websites and generated videos encouraging violence against the organization and its individual members.

Where the rest of the world sees a raving mob of hate-activists and would-be cyberterrorists, Tony Ortega sees likeminded brothers-in-arms. Indeed, on his deplorable blog he describes anniversaries of their most vicious efforts to instigate hatred as occasions for nothing more than hilarious “nostalgia.”

As Tony Ortega tellingly wrote:

“The protests were not only happening all over the place but the protesters themselves were very clever, looking for creative ways to disrupt Scientology’s usual ways of doing things.”

Where does it stop with these cheerleaders for hate crimes, death threats and random acts of violence against private citizens? Was aligning himself with sex traffickers not evil enough for Tony Ortega and now he feels it’s time to get his whole family involved in supporting terrorists?

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