Tony Ortega And Arielle Silverstein: Faithless Agent Of Chaos.

Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri

As if we needed further proof that attitudes like the ones espoused by Tony Ortega and his ghoulish wife Arielle Silverstein (also known as Bozuri in the Anonymous circles)  toward faith drive negativity more than ethnicity or nationality, a recent survey confirms it.

The two-year study of diversity by the Woolf Institute in the UK concludes that most people are tolerant of those from different ethnic or national backgrounds, but many have negative attitudes based on religion. 

It would seem that religion is the “final frontier” of personal prejudice, with attitudes to faith driving negative perceptions more than ethnicity or nationality, the report states. Religion is a “red line” for many people, the study – based on a survey of 11,700 adults – says. This is particularly so in the case of minority religions.

Muslims were most often the subject of negative attitudes held by social media users.

This is what gets exploited by bigoted agitators online like Tony Ortega and his cronies, ratcheting tensions even higher. 

Is it any wonder why someone as intellectually lazy as Tony Ortega would choose to attack religions via his basement blog, while his wife pushes her rabid anti-Muslim agenda from the comfort of her cushy office at the United Nations?

Tony Ortega

Ortega exploits hate in order to pursue his own ends, heedless of the chaos he is creating for everyday people across the world. We’ve said it before and we say it again: Tony Ortega cares about no one but himself and innocent people are merely a means to an end for him. 

We saw it in his heartless approach to the victims left in the wake of Backpage and we’re seeing it in his callous, hateful behavior across social media. Enough is enough.

Over the past four years we have seen an increased focus on addressing the problem of harmful ‘misinformation’ being spread with the aim of destabilizing societies and pitting citizens against one another.

 So far, however, the vast majority of this attention has been given to nation states attempting disinformation campaigns to negatively influence their enemies. We would argue faithless agents of chaos like Tony Ortega and Arielle Silverstein are playing the same game, albeit on a smaller scale. 

Just like those rogue nations hostile to America and wishing us harm, Ortega and Silverstein don’t seem to mind if their online hate and intolerance result in widespread collateral damage – in fact, there’s every reason to believe that weaponizing hate to help the spread of bigotry on a global scale is one of their chief goals.  

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