Tony Ortega And Fake Journalism

It appears as if our current series exploring how Tony Ortega’s really feel about his journalistic ethics is beginning to take off. It seems so many of Tony Ortega’s critics (past and a present) have been waiting for the opportunity to tell Ortega what they really think of him and his work.

Today’s example was sent in by a reader from Kansas City who remembered a story Tony Ortega wrote about young teenagers in a political party. Tony Ortega gave his sloppy hit-piece the fittingly sleazy title, “Young Ass” which we suspect was some kind of tone-deaf attempt to make a joke about the party mascot being a donkey.

In a post-Backpage era, however we can see how Tony Ortega’s use of “Young Ass” only further demonstrates the casualness with which he uses the sexually exploited underaged for his own gain.

The following are excerpts from a letter of complaint written by the president of that group and mailed to the Kansas City Pitch:

I must say that after reading Tony OrtegasYoung Ass” (KC Strip, May 13) I was disappointed at the lack of research and journalistic integrity exuded by the Pitch in its coverage…

I was present during the phone interview between Becky Williams and Tony Ortega, and whereas she was quoted accurately in sheer terms of what she said, I think her message was contorted in the story that was written. Furthermore, I can recall at least three times in the interview that Becky told [Ortega] she was unsure of the answer and that was her best guess to a variety of different questions, which should have encouraged Tony to be more thorough in his research

I had always felt that the Pitch was better than this, and I hate being proven wrong.

Brendan Rhyne

Tony Ortega’s “lack of research and journalistic integrityare widely known within (and without) the publishing world.

As is the fact that Tony Ortega routinely and systematically contorts the message in the stories he writes.

Just like Brendan, we hate being proven wrong. Luckily, when it comes to exposing Tony Ortega for the unethical man we’ve long suspected him to be, we very rarely are.

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