Tony Ortega and His Pro Sexual Violence Bias

In our last post we began taking a look at what appears to be Tony Ortega’s strange, co-dependent relationships with sex-traffickers and accused rapists. Exactly what it is that gives Tony Ortega a sense of kinship with these sex predators? Maybe it’s his own sordid personal history, his string of extramarital affairs during his second marriage to his overseas bride, Fatimah Suryono Ortega? Or perhaps it’s that whole weird sex-chatting episode he had with Cassie Robar?

While we may never know its precise cause, the fact of the matter is that Tony Ortega keeps some very shady company. From his boardroom buddies over at the Backpage child sex ring to accused rapist Paul Haggis, this much remains obvious: Tony Ortega keeps strange bedfellows.

It’s no secret that his obsession with, and bias toward, dark sexual criminality bleeds into the fevered screeds he dreams up over at the self-published blog that passes for his “full time job” these days.

Consider the following from a post about his good pal Paul Haggis. Ortega writes on his blog: “Last month, Haggis sued a woman named Haleigh Breest claiming that she was trying to extort him for $9 million. Breest filed her own lawsuit the same day, claiming that she had been raped by Paul Haggis in 2013…The AP reported that three additional women had come forward with their own allegations of sexual misconduct between 1996 and 2015 after seeing the news of Breest’s claims. Breest’s attorney denied to Page Six that Scientology is involved in the claims against Haggis. Until we see any evidence to the contrary, we’re going to reserve judgment.

Did you catch the bias at work there? That last sentence of Tony Ortega’s post has been underlined to show how brazenly he claims that until he finds evidence to the contrary, in his mind Scientology must certainly behind these rape accusations. In other words, Tony Ortega is going to reserve judgment until the ‘facts’ start lining up with his pre-constructed narrative.

Honestly, this is precisely the kind of amateurish ‘journalism’ that would get any first year student harshly reprimanded if not outright expelled.

Remember, Tony is “reserving judgment” until he sees evidence that Scientology was NOT involved in Paul Haggis’ rape accusations. Perhaps someone should tell him that it’s impossible to find evidence for something that did not happen. The ‘evidence’ he is waiting for can never be delivered because it is a lie fabricated by Paul Haggis.

Without doubt, Tony Ortega has made up his mind what the truth is in advance. And that is the textbook definition of bias.

Because of Ortega’s biased blindness, the journalistic imperative to explore both sides of a story goes straight over his head. Indeed, if his past reporting is any guide, Tony Ortega will never report any skepticism of Paul Haggis’ claims – only his defense. Just like he did with Backpage.

The conclusion, therefore, is strikingly clear:  Because of his rampant bias, Tony Ortega would rather defend an alleged perpetrator of sexual violence against women than do actual journalism, but we already know that he is not a real journalist.

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