Tony Ortega And The Backpage Scheme

Recently we started taking a look at the birth of the Backpage scheme.  When last we left off Tony Ortega (as has so often been the case for this clown) was in over his head. The paper he was hired to keep afloat was going under. Fast.

The free alt weekly garbage paper, The Village Voice was losing money at precipitous rate. Water cooler chat around the Voice offices were about imminent layoffs, the inevitability of bankruptcy, and the stunning stupidity of whoever installed Tony Ortega to help ‘rescue’ company. It all seemed like a done deal.

Then something truly strange occurred. Village Voice Media (VVM), parent company to the nearly-dead Village Voice paper, began turning a profit. And not just marginal profits, to everyone’s surprise VVM began posting record financial gains.

How had this seemingly miraculous turn-of-events occur you might find yourself asking… Well the answer to that is simple: Tony Ortega’s bosses had discovered how to tap into the financial potential of human sex trafficking by migrating the ‘backpage’ adult ads section of the Village Voice to an online black market for paid sex.

As the January 2017 report by the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, titled “’s Knowing Facilitation of Online Sex Trafficking” explained:

“Backpage reported that although ads in the adult section represented only 15.5% of total ad volume … the company generated 93.4% of its average weekly paid ad revenue from adult ads.”

In its first year the Voice generated 30 million dollars alone through the sale of these prostitution and child sex trafficking ads. But with the money pouring in, Tony Ortega was forced to face a new level of scrutiny from an angry public demanding to know how any of this was legally, let alone morally, acceptable.

True to form Tony Ortega took to CNN and lied saying:

“We’ve spent millions of dollars putting in place strict policies and monitoring services to make sure that it is only adults finding each other through’s adult pages.”

When CNN exposed Backpage on air, Tony Ortega rushed to Backpage’s defense claiming “CNN leads the media’s mass paranoia” with such “sensational pieces”.  Tony Ortega should know, hysterical sensationalism is about the only thing he is an expert in.

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