Tony Ortega and the Case of the Killer Asteroid!

We received yet another ‘Ortega complaint’ in what seems to be becoming something of a running series here on the blog. These letters to the editor demanding better certainly do underline a lot of what we have been saying for months about the bad faith motivation, professional malpractice and pervasive bias on display in Tony Ortega’s work.

Today’s letter comes from Ortega’s time at the Phoenix New Times, a tabloid out of Arizona owned by the same shadowy group of pimps that would later find themselves raided by federal authorities for the central role they played in the Backpage sex-trafficking scandal.

It seems Tony Ortega wrote a story which appears to have been another one of his attempts to scaremonger by in the hopes of frightening his readers in to trusting his authority (a desperate tactic we’ve seen Tony Ortega use on many occasions). This time Ortega bizarrely chose to focus attention on the topic of a giant killer asteroid.

Naturally, readers identified Tony Ortega’s crackpot obsession with half-baked conspiracy theories and made their voices heard to the editor.   

One letter writer begins by admitting he was “puzzled about the purpose of the asteroid story by Tony Ortega” — a common sentiment among those who aired their concerns with the editor on this piece, to be sure! Others made clear they were “not much impressed by the quality of his [Ortega’s] writing.

But what caught our attention was the gentleman who asked the following:

Is the purpose to suggest there is some sinister plot by sneaky folks in New Mexico to undermine the work of upstanding Arizona residents?… For some reason, New Times thought that was worth a cover story. Did I miss something? Was there some other purpose in the story?

Well, from what we know of Tony Ortega it’s a pretty safe bet that this reader didn’t miss anything. It was another non-story by Ortega. And yet, as the reader suggests, it was likely a story not without ‘some other purpose’.

Tony Ortega always has an ulterior motive.

Indeed, it seems the writer of that complaint even identified as much himself further on in his letter where he writes that Tony Ortega’s “poor quality writing is obvious” because:

…Tony tried to juice up his story by implying he got some inside scoop on this operation. I seriously doubt that is true. For instance, in the first part of the article, Tony is hinting there is great secrecy surrounding this technology, but on page 30 he tells of Stokes peddling this concept at open astronomical conferences two years ago. Something doesn’t wash here.

Trying to ‘juice up’ his stories with untruths and malicious lies while falsely ‘implying he’s got some inside scoop’ may not wash for his readers but that hasn’t stopped Tony Ortega from doing so his whole career.

On the plus side, however, all these damning complaints to former editors over the years have done a lot of damage to Tony Ortega’s creditability.

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