Tony Ortega Attacks Police

These days there is a lot of talk about “conspiracy theories”. We hear about them in our election politics, read about them in financial revelations like the Panama Papers, and watch them unfold in the MeToo Movement in Hollywood.

Savvy manipulators of this mindset like Leah Remini and her sometime lapdog Tony Ortega have long understood the value of inventing and propagating such conspiracy theories. Take for example one of Tony Ortega’s favorite pastimes: accusing state, local, and federal authorities of conspiring to ignore his obsessive “research”. He spills so much ink on the topic you’d think he’s starting to take the matter personally.

In a series of increasingly unhinged Tweets recently Tony Ortega let loose with his harshest critique of law enforcement to date, describing them as “scared shitless” for not pursuing the insane theories that make up so much of what conspiracy peddlers like Ortega and Remini attempt to sell their audiences day after day. With no one in any position of authority giving them the attention they crave, they take turns “appreciating” their own supposed bravery, patting themselves on the back for chasing down allegations no law enforcement agency dignifies as credible.

Here’s a thought Tony: maybe the police aren’t investigating allegations against Scientology, not because they are willfully ignorant the “brilliant” insights of a ranting crackpot blogger but because there is nothing there.

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