Tony Ortega Blog: An Obsession with Celebrity

Tony Ortega has been a known suck-up within the film & television industry for a while now. Ever since his comically brief gig as a talking head in Alex Gibney’s hit-piece ‘documentary’ on Scientology, he has been chasing the lingering thrill of his minor brush with celebrity.

It is no secret that Tony Ortega wants to be seen as a self-styled ‘authority’ on all things Scientology but what is becoming increasingly evident is his unflattering personal thirst for his own little taste of the limelight. He can’t seem to understand why others are succeeding in their career paths while he stagnates in the forgotten corners of a dank underground bunker, gnashing his teeth and wallowing in the dark fantasies his own petty hatred.

So great is Ortega’s peculiar mix of ire and envy that he recently dedicated an entire blog post to cataloging all of the celebrity Scientologists. Because this post emirates from Ortega’s own crippling insecurity, his celebrity list comes complete with glamorous headshots as if to remind the world that these people are everything that he is not. Eagle-eyed readers may also notice that Ortega misspells the name ‘Bodhi Elfman’, but maybe that’s the sort of thing that happens when infamous ‘Editor-At-Large’ Tony Ortega is let loose to pen his unhinged cyber screeds without an editor of his own.

While, thankfully, we may never fully know what is going inside Tony Ortega’s fevered mind, the fact remains that jealousy is never a great look. In many ways it is revelatory that Tony Ortega seems to draw from that well time and time again. It’s becoming a pet compulsion of his.

But then, this is the Tony Ortega blog we are talking about here. Compulsive obsession isn’t just his brand, it’s the reason he’ll never be anything more than a desperate troll with a blog devoted to attacking everything he wishes he could be.

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