Tony Ortega Blog: Cyberbully Warfare

The new governmental guidelines for cyberbullying are out and we thought it might be of interest to our readers to see just how the Tony Ortega blog stacks up against it.A recently released statement from the website identifies a the most common cyberbullying tactics, and sadly for those of us unfortunate enough to have spent any amount of time on Tony Ortega’s blog the list is all too familiar. It lists the following easily recognizable actions by which online trolls and bullies continually harass their victims:

Posting comments or rumors about someone online that are mean, hurtful, or embarrassing. (Every Ortega blog post ever)

Posting mean or hurtful pictures or videos. (This should go without saying)

Pretending to be someone else online (Antoine Oman anyone?)

Posting mean or hateful names, comments, or content about any race, religion, ethnicity, or other personal characteristics online. (Tony Ortega’s blog exists for the sole purpose of harassing religious members)

Doxing, an abbreviated form of the word documents, is a form of online harassment used to exact revenge and to threaten and destroy the privacy of individuals by making their personal information public. (Too many examples to list)

These federal guidelines apply to all malicious, systematic attempts to defame and libel individuals or groups of individuals but, perhaps most tellingly, are chiefly directed toward the behavior of immature children who haven’t learned how to express their differences with others within the bounds of socially accepted civil discourse.

This fact alone screams Tony Ortega. For in the end, what else is Tony Ortega’s blog but a forum for overgrown children to post their adolescent rant-laced meltdowns in order to find others who will accept and validate their hateful opinions in the hopes that other likeminded trolls will lend an understanding ear to their unfocused tantrums?

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