Tony Ortega Can’t Hide From What’s Coming

Tony Ortega

Following on from the evisceration Tony Ortega, then Editor-At-Large at the Village Voice, received from his readers in yesterday’s post we’ve decided to drill down even deeper into exactly what caused such a large scale revolt from the very audience he was trying to dupe with his warmed over propaganda.

 In the midst of it all we were reminded of the words of one of Ortega’s readers who was willing to stand up and expose the hypocrisy of the pre-packaged lies Tony Ortega was selling, castigating him as much for what he said as much as what he abused his editorial position to ensure was left unsaid. Her name was Lisa Summers.

She writes tellingly of Tony Ortega’s brand of ceansorship, saying:

“Hmmmm. I commented yesterday referencing the petition and it said my comment would need to pass moderator approval. Moderator apparently let [Village Voice commenters] “Cashhuge” and “work-at-home” slip through, but not my dissenting opinion…?”

Of course Tony Ortega had a vested interest in suppressing any thought contradicting his own. He has always been afraid of arguing facts. He still is. Acting as moderator with an iron fist, Tony Ortega has a long history of quashing truth he finds inconvenient. Only after being exposed and shamed for this pattern of behavior did he relent and publish Ms Summer’s full complaint.

Her comment damningly continues:

“Once again: You use the excuse of the transparency of your ads helping investigators/prosecutors, but then don’t cite any actual evidence of this. This doesn’t exactly look like thorough journalism. Where on an ethics continuum would you place 18 and 19 year olds who are forced/kept in prostitution by abuse and threat of abuse. What age would you see as old enough to choose this life style?”

This is this the cold hard reality. Tony Ortega rarely provides evidence because the truth is not on his side. His aim has never been ‘thorough journalism’, even less-so when it came to keeping his bosses safe from the mounting wave of righteous anger that was falling on his publication for the part they were playing to keep the con running.

He simply has no answers to the charge put to him by this reader as to his lack of ethical standards because his position is simply untenable. There is no age at which someone should be forced into sex trafficking.  Knowing this Tony Ortega had only one recourse at his disposal — to stay silent and hope it would all blow over. 

But it didn’t blow over did it? Not then and not now.

The accusations still stand and the anger hasn’t gone away. Like his former readers, we see through his games. We see his complicity. We see that mounting wave of righteous anger for his cowardice shows no sign of slowing. 

And there is nowhere for Tony Ortega to hide.

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