Tony Ortega: Compulsive Liar Driven by Fear

No two compulsive liars are the same but you may be surprised to learn they often share a lot of the same qualities and characteristics, making them easy to spot if you know what to look for.

If you want to dig into what drives compulsive liars, you have to first take a look at self-esteem. Often times low self-esteem may be at the core of many compulsive liars’ behaviors. “This lack of confidence is tied in with self-esteem,” University of Massachusetts professor Robert Feldman in an interview with LiveScience explains. “We find that as soon as people feel that their self-esteem is threatened, they immediately begin to lie at higher levels.”

Consider the Tony Ortega blog. It would be no stretch to call Ortega a compulsive liar. Building off of his lack of confidence and fragile self esteem, he lives a life of fear. And fear is the real driver behind a lot of compulsive lying. If people lie to cover up other lies, it’s likely because they’re afraid of being found out.

He is so scared of being outed as a fraud in one way or another, that lying has become his go-to strategy to get through it. For all his lack of understanding and clear-thinking, Ortega understands this much. Lying has become a way for him to appear more interesting, more connected than the reality of his situation would suggest.

He lies because he is afraid. At his core he is terrified of being revealed to be nothing more than a blow hard with a Twitter account who would be a nameless nobody if it weren’t for the hate he tries so hard to inspire in others.

Ortega’s false statements are calculated to incite hatred and cause harm.

The most damning evidence against Ortega in this case is perhaps the surest sign of a compulsive liar, he simply refuses to drop the act at all cost.

You see this happen among the rich and famous, as they string lies along for years. Sometimes decades. Some Presidents lied about their affairs, hoping it would go away. Richard Nixon lied about the Watergate scandal. Some rapists lied, for decades, about sexual assaults.

Tony Ortega is neither rich nor famous, but has been lying to you. And he’s has for years.

Despite the countless times he’s been called out for it, despite his repeated firings for his dishonest reporting (see Ortega’s disgusting “Antoine Oman” rape hoax), despite the existence of so many sites like this one dedicated to exposing hate-mongering, Tony Ortega keeps at it. He has to. He has nothing else in his life but the blind fear of being caught.

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