Tony Ortega defense of Sex Trafficking

Tony Ortega is accountable for his support, defense and marketing of Backpage dot com.

Nicholas Kristof once wrote in response to the Village Voices (under Tony Ortega leadership) attacks against anyone exposing Backpage dot com.

“I’ve been an admirer of Village Voice over the years, including its great reporting on police abuses. But it’s really sad to see Village Voice Media become a major player in sex trafficking, and to see it use its journalists as attack dogs for those who threaten its corporate interests. I can’t say I’m surprised, though. When Amber Lyon of CNN aired a piece about a 13-year-old girl trafficked on Backpage, Village Voice went after her and even published a piece in an affiliate in her hometown. It’s because of this record of Village Voice using journalistic tools to go after critics that Alissa chose not to use her real name.

“So my hope is that Village Voice Media will decide to stop throwing resources into obfuscation and attacking those opposed to its role in sex trafficking, and will either get out of carrying prostitution advertising or at least require careful vetting — such as seeing adult I.D.’s — of those who place the ads. C’mon, Village Voice, does an an alternative newspaper really want to represent the greediest kind of exploitation?”

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