Tony Ortega: Dirty Money, Bloody Hands

Normally when we think of Tony Ortega phrases like ‘ apologist’, or ‘child sex trafficking enabler’, or ‘fake journalist’ spring to mind. But the list of wrongs Tony Ortega has perpetrated and/or promoted doesn’t end there. 

One has only to look at the myriad cases stemming from the Backpage debacle to see that Tony Ortega has more guilt to bear than helping to legitimize the selling of minors and young women for sex with online perverts. 

Tony Ortega also has blood on his hands.

Consider the odd case of Theodore Allen, 68, who is currently sitting in a Corpus Christi jail on suspicion of aggravated robbery. He is accused of robbing a Backpage prostitute Breanna Wood back in September of 2016. 

Wood, 21, turned up dead in a nearby town not long after the robbery.

In an eight-page handwritten letter to his local newspaper, Allen denied having ever met Wood. As he explains with an idiotic senselessness that rival’s Ortega’s own, he couldn’t have possibly robbed her because he had ‘never met her’ and ‘didn’t even know her name.’ 

Writing with the same sort of shameless doublespeak Tony Ortega trades in, Allen claims he was ‘innocently’ responding to an ad for a sex escort … but when he arrived at the seedy motel where they’d agreed to meet he was robbed by Wood and her pimp. 

Interestingly, the long and rambling letter Allen wrote to protest the ‘unfair’ charges laid against him reminds us of Ortega’s own ‘reasoning’ in a particularly damning way — it attempts to change the focus of the narrative. 

Allen insists instead of the facts, we buy into the insane counter argument that he couldn’t be guilty because he “never knew or met” Wood and “didn’t even know what her real name was.”  

Like Tony Ortega, by playing the victim he hopes we won’t notice that the robbery charge of which he stands accused is in no way shape or form predicated upon or relevant to whether or not he ‘knew or met’ the victim.

Tony Ortega didn’t know or (as far as we know) have any sort of relationship with the children he helped traffic. Does this make him any less culpable for the part he played in the Backpage scheme? Absolutely not. Tony Ortega’s guilt remains whether or not he personally knew the children Backpage trafficked while publicly defending them in the press.  

Allen goes on to admit, that yes he was answering a Backpage ad in the “escort/prostitution section”, but that doesn’t mean he was looking to commit a crime. (Come on, if that’s not Ortega-level specious reasoning, what is?)

There is, however, one charge of which Theodore Allen is wholly innocent. When the escort was found dead a short while later, it was discovered that her pimp had murdered her.

But it’s worth wondering whether tragedy could have been avoided for that young woman had she not had her run in with Allen. 

Or if it could have been avoided had she not gone with her pimp that day.

Or if she’d never been involved with Backpage all.

This much we know certain, however… All of it could have been avoided if only Tony Ortega had told the truth about what Backpage was really up to when he had the chance.

But, of course, Tony Ortega refused to tell the truth and opted instead to take a pay-off of dirty money to keep his mouth shut.

And now he has blood on his hands. 

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