Tony Ortega: Early-Onset Old Fogey

When Tony Ortega isn’t busy tweeting about Crab Nebulas or obsessively cataloging Scientology donors by the size of their giving, he lives a pretty lonely life. Maybe it comes with the territory. Being an obsessive recluse with rage management control issues doesn’t tend to lead toward a flourishing social life.

So it’s almost understandable why over at the Tony Ortega blog there is a feeling of restlessness, as if Tony Ortega is growing tired of rehashing the same half dozen or so ‘rumor-as-fact’ type stories he trots out when he needs a little attention from his minion-like followers.

This past week alone Ortega has careened from posting “far out” pictures of the Milky Way, to underlining obituaries, to complaining about how wealthy glamorous people spend their money. It’s honestly starting to feel like someone has taken away grandpa’s medicine.

Could that be the bombshell we’ve been missing all along that finally explains the Ortega blog? Is Tony a victim of early-onset old-fogeyism? It certainly would go a long way toward explaining the ‘get off my lawn’ attitude he regularly displays when someone other than himself suggests they might have a differing perspective on the subject of Scientology.

All the signs are there: meandering, unfocused arguments, stories that are all build up but go nowhere, self-aggrandizing promotion of the Tony Ortega brand. It seems staggering somehow that we’ve missed until now. Tony Ortega is an addled, angry old man trapped in the body of an addled, angry slightly less old man.

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