Tony Ortega: Exploited Ignorance

There’s no shortage of bizarre stories surrounding Backpage (and we’re not just talking about the wholly fictional pro-Backpage propaganda Tony Ortega routinely pumped like raw sewage into the town aquifer.)

Today’s story is one of the stranger ones we’ve yet seen out of this ever-expanding Backpage sex syndicate scandal.

This week, sex trafficker Charles White was sentenced to 10 years in prison for trafficking two young women out of his home in Harlem, NY, which he’d dubbed “The White House”.

According to his guilty plea, the man and his accomplice trafficked two women, who suffered from opioid addictions, at a Harlem house on West 129th St., nicknamed as “the White House.”

Frequent readers of this blog will be unsurprised to learn that during the two year period, the two men posted ads on Backpage, and forced the women into prostitution with up to 15 men each night. The two women were from small cities outside of New York State, and were kept in dangerous conditions in the house, without heat and basic hygiene products. They were given drugs, including cocaine, to keep them awake and alert for responding to calls at all hours. It also kept them completely dependent.

If the women ever resisted, they were assaulted, according to court transcripts. This included beatings with whips and belts, causing serious injuries, including permanent hearing loss for one of the women after the pimp hit her on the side of the head when she refused to perform a sex act on someone.

In a press conference District Attorney Vance offered the following summation of his case against the Backpage trafficker: “Traffickers target those who live on the margins of our communities. These defendants preyed on women who struggled with substance use disorders, capitalizing on their vulnerabilities and use of opioids to force them into prostitution for the defendants’ financial gain.”

Vance’s words are tellingly illustrative of the strange codependent  relationship between pimps and the societal outcasts they took advantage of. But it equally explains how Backpage execs exploited the ignorance of their whimpering propagandist lap-dog, Tony Ortega, whom they easily controlled and manipulated through his wonton greed and desire for fame.

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