Tony Ortega: Exposed by his Own “Consulting Producer”

There have been many voices throughout the world condemning the work and methods of Tony Ortega many of which have come from those we might call “Ortega survivors”, people who Tony Ortega has used and abused as sources.

But it is a different kind of criticism we turn to today, the appraisal of Leah Remini’s co-producer, and co-creator of the show, Mike Rinder. His insight into Ortega is all the more damning for coming from someone who knows Ortega so well.

Rinder begins by alluding to Tony Ortega as the “silent partner” and “advance man” behind Remini’s reality TV show before going on to comment that “Tony has stumbled onto the subject of Scientology as a way of making news and money.”

If that sounds familiar, it is the exact reason Leah Remini gave in her interview with ABC’s Dan Harris. It’s the chief reason motivating Leah Remini and it’s what keeps Tony Ortega doing what he does.

Mike Rinder goes on to describe Tony Ortega this way:

Tony has no subjective reality on Scientology. So, it is not possible for him to see any forest. He is stuck on the trees, most of which are old and dead, that wood having been chopped 100 times already.”

While it’s certainly true money has always been the key driving motivator for Tony Ortega even from his early days as a human trafficker for the Backpage online, that fact has never been disclosed on Remini’s show because she refuses to let her subjects be vetted in advance.

It remains a mystery, therefore, that Ortega should be continually presented as an ‘expert’ when the co-creator of the very show Tony appears on has publicly acknowledged Ortega is a guy who is out for money and attacks Scientology as a means of creating controversy he then seeks to profit from.

If that sounds troubling to you, you are not alone. It is part and parcel of the Tony Ortega brand of journalism.


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