Tony Ortega: False Expert

An expert is a person with comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of a particular area resulting from specialized study and experience in the field or subject. An expert is qualified to provide an accurate, objective and professional opinion that reflects what is generally accepted by other experts in the field or subject.

By contrast, a false expert is someone who may lack credentials or meaningful experience in the subject. A false expert will advance theories and promote agenda-driven arguments that are:

  • Inconsistent with the consensus in the literature of the field or subject.
  • Not generally accepted by those who study the field or subject.
  • No longer accepted and passé.
  • Biased, subjective and inconsistent with accepted and established requirements of scientific inquiry.

Sadly, ‘false experts’ like Tony Ortega have seemed to pop up in the field of religion with no interest in accuracy, objectivity or truth. Because the audiences these so-called “experts” attract, themselves, understand so little about the subject matter they are often easily convinced by this false expertise.

These false experts flout credible fact and instead seek to trade off the most salacious gossip or outrageous opinion they can manufacture.

There’s is the ugly, dark side of the Internet where peddlers of prejudice and hate preside, the small but noisy minority that attempts to manipulate the narrative to foment bigotry and hatred.

Tony Ortega, and those like him, spew lies and generate hatred against religions—not only Scientology, but any faith these anti-religionists target to ridicule and attack.

They are a poison. And you don’t have to be an expert to understand that.

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