Tony Ortega Flatters Himself

As a New Year begins, Tony Ortega wastes no time slapping himself on the back for the tidal wave of misdirection and mistruths he attempted to flood his social media channels with.

With the sort of ridiculous hubris only Tony Ortega could muster he begins 2019 by listing for his readers his top 20 personal favorite stories (written by him) in 2018. Tony assures us he is a fair and impartial judge who knows the difference between ‘prizeworthy’ writing and his normal terrible brand of non-journalism. Oh yes, Ortega really wants us to know he’s his own best critic, and so, as a “gift” he offers his readers a glimpse into the world of his (cough, cough) “award-winning mind”.

See if you can spot the spin machine at work as he writes:

“We’re grateful that some of our stories got a huge amount of readership this year. But traffic isn’t the only way to measure what goes on here. Like the last two years, we have put together a list of our personal choices for most significant pieces we posted in 2018. Some of them were scoops, others were investigative features, and some of them we just really enjoyed writing.”

The bald face lie of his ‘huge growth in readership this year’ aside, Ortega’s

self-selected “prize winning” stories are about as “significant” as you imagine. (Spoiler alert: number 7 is his crackerjack ‘investigative feature’ on the scourge of ice cream socials!)

Then, as if the self congratulations and vain self-praise weren’t enough to thoroughly sicken his audience, Ortega ends this narcissistic love poem to himself begging for “help [to] gather as much information as we can…Head on over and help us with links and photos and comments.” What a tireless “journalist” Tony Ortega must be! Rather than doing the work of looking for material himself he farms out the thankless task to his minions. (Side note: If Scientology were as guilty as Ortega and company wish you to believe, wouldn’t there be evidence everywhere? Why does Ortega have to beg for so much help?)

And speaking of begging, of course no post on Tony Ortega’s blog would be complete with a desperate, debasing plea for money. Maybe that could be an idea for your next award ceremony to yourself; the Top 20 groveling pleas for cold hard cash? Our guess is he’d have more than enough to choose from!

The fact is that Tony Ortega is just an unemployed blogger since he was fired by the Village Voice in 2012.

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