Tony Ortega Hasn’t Changed

Ortega has always sucked up to his bosses. From his early days as a hack journalist to his present incarnation as unemployed hack Twitterer, time has not changed Tony Ortega all that much.

At heart he is still the same disingenuous blowhard, content to ignore the human tragedy of child sex trafficking so long as someone was willing to pay him for it. In those final days of Backpage’s reign as the the world’s most reported-on sex scandal, Ortega would routinely go after reporters.  He went after one CNN reporter for her exposé of child prostitution on the website, accusing the network of “junk science” and “mass paranoia,” criticizing the broadcast as a “sensationalistic piece” that was “manipulative” and part of “a semi-religious crusade.”

Seems the sort of integrity required to offer the discloser that the National Association of Attorneys General labeled the nation’s top website for human trafficking was something Tony Ortega didn’t have much of.

On January 9, 2017, the operators of Backpage, Michael Lacey, James Larkin and Carl Ferrer, closed down its adult section. This shutdown happened immediately following the release of a U.S. Senate report accusing Backpage of hiding criminal activity, and on the eve of testimony by Lacey and Larkin before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs’ subcommittee on investigations.

As we have reported here before, Tony Ortega has never mentioned or apologized for his shameless pimping of Backpage on behalf of his former bosses. He has never uttered a single retraction for his cowardly attack the the female CNN journalist he tried to humiliate in service of his Backpage masters.

To this day Tony Ortega continues to refuse to speak publicly about the role he played in helping build the Backpage into the world’s number one online source for buying trafficked women and young girls. Maybe if someone offered him a few bucks he might start talking. It’s the only thing that seems to have motivated him his whole ‘career’ (we’re using that term here generously.) And we all know, Tony Ortega hasn’t changed a bit.

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