Tony Ortega & His Backpage Pals Learn You Don’t Mess With Texas

The people of Texas have spoken and spoken loudly. Tony Ortega and his kind are no longer welcome in their communities. Dallas may have once been the national headquarters for Backpage, the illicit website Tony Ortega proudly shilled for, but my how things have changed in the past few years!

Amateur “hack journalist” and professional sell-out Tony Ortega once sang Backpage’s praises from coast to coast, trying to gloss over the inescapable fact that women and underage girls were daily being sold for sex. 

Now Texas is fighting back. In fact, Dallas itself has recently begun emerging as a leader in combating sex trafficking.

Ever since Backpage was raided and shut down, federal, state and local law enforcement officials have begun working closely together developing new strategies to target traffickers and the apologists who prop them up. 

It seems Tony Ortega and his former bosses left a distinctly poor impression on the good people of Texas and they are vowing never to let con men and pimps like Tony Ortega and the Backpage crew get a foothold in their state again.

Texas is no longer fooled by the mockery Tony Ortega once used to paint anyone ‘absurd’ enough to worry sex trafficking as being ‘panicky moralizers’ pushing their agenda of fear. The extent of the evil that confronts vulnerable people on their streets and in their communities is too real to be ignored in a post-Backpage world.

In the stark reality confronting hundreds and thousands of women and girls, there isn’t room for the distractionary debate Tony Ortega wants us to be having about free will or a willingness to engage in “the life.” 

Blinded by his own self-interest and inability to care about the welfare of anyone other than himself, Tony Ortega has yet to utter a single word to denounce the scourge of the black market sex trade he once advocated for. The dangers are real and the reality is that traffickers and their Ortega-like enablers are actually sinking their hooks into people every day. 

The authorities are fighting back, and as they do a responsibility falls to the rest of us to fight back as well. 

Traffickers rent office space, buy groceries, and pay for water and gas like the rest of us. Alert flight attendants have spotted traffickers on planes and had them nabbed by security. Neighbors have spotted traffickers operating out of nearby houses. And hotel clerks have alerted law enforcement to rooms frequented by a suspicious number of men in a short period of time. Each person who spots a trafficker and stands up is a quiet hero.

The rest of us can act, too. As we’ve previously suggested, landlords should do more to inquire about just what sort of business is being run out of that rundown strip mall. Real estate investors should inquire about all of the businesses renting properties in their portfolio. Other businesses are already training employees to spot traffickers where they work and live.

Working together to fight the stain Tony Ortega and his Backpage cronies have left it is entirely possible we may yet stamp out sex trafficking, starting in North Texas – once ground-zero to the world’s largest sex trafficking operation.

And we have a feeling the likes of Tony Ortega and his child-pimping pals won’t be welcomed back for a good long while.

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