Tony Ortega Hive Mentality

On this blog we’ve seen how people like Tony Ortega, Mike Rinder, Karen de la Carriere, Jeffrey Augustine and Rod Keller attempt to control and manipulate the flow of information.

Time and time again we’ve seen evidence of Ortega censoring comments on his blog or in his Twitter feed that run contrary to his self-imposed anti-religious party line.

Indeed it wasn’t too long ago that Mike Rinder called a poster on his own blog a “dupe” before banning her for daring to post a link to a US Senate investigation on because it had information in it that exposed his fellow anti-Scientologist Tony Ortega as defending, endorsing, and condoning sex trafficking and pedophilia while he worked as Editor-at-Large at the Village Voice.

Ortega and his crowd know that their rhetorical audience is almost never Scientologists or even those who would support Scientology. Far from it. Their target is and has always been the anti-Scientologist community itself– the people who read and repeat the rhetoric found blogs like Ortega’s and Rinder’s.

Again, there is a desire to control the information their followers receive, and in so doing to influence how they think and feel. They’ve never been about engaging in dialogue or seeking to persuade through reasoned argument. That has never been their goal. Their goal has always been to keep and maintain a hive mentality, dictated and directed by their beliefs.

Ortega and Rinder are quick to label anyone who fails to toe this party line “dupes”, “shills”, or “apologists” so that their blog readers who follow them do not become infected by any hint of a new idea that might cause them to question anti-Scientology message Ortega, Rinder and all of the above, are trying to feed them. In the world of anti-Scientology propaganda any deviation in thought which encourages free or critical thinking that cannot be controlled is of no value to them.

It is something that anyone would fall for such ham-fisted propaganda. And yet we see it time and time again in their blog posts, in their carefully curated comment sections, in the growing ranks of those they’ve banned for asking questions or raising points that might challenge the hive mentality.

In the end this is what people like Ortega and Rinder want. They want blind, unthinking robots who repeat what they are told and every post and tweet they make online is an attempt to push their agenda further toward that goal.

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