Tony Ortega Is A Social Media ‘Hate Hot Spot’

There’s no denying it, the growth of technology over the last decade has fundamentally changed the way we communicate. As we enter an increasingly more digital world, communication through social media has become more important than ever. This past year alone has shown how social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can generate interest in everything from rallies to revolutions. 

However, as we have seen with unscrupulous and unethical operators across social media – like Tony Ortega – not all individually motivated agendas online seek to do good. 

Hate groups and hate speech are changing too, and their presence online is growing at an alarming rate. Indeed, a troubling number social media accounts push all manner of agendas, ranging from white supremacy to anti-immigrant and anti-religionists. 

In the past several years we’ve seen the amount of traffic directed to hate-driven Twitter feeds, like the one Tony Ortega uses to mock and disparage religion and innocent religious adherents.

Here at the blog we’ve studied some of these Twitter accounts to understand how hateful sentiment has evolved over the years.

Simply being on Twitter doesn’t give credence to hate groups’ messages or crackpot fake news journalists like Ortega, but amassing followers heightens visibility to their hateful agendas. As we have previously explained this may be why Tony Ortega pays for fake users to boost his stats.

And we are right to be concerned.

According to the FBI, hate crimes against minority religions have surged in recent years.  While federal authorities continue to monitor a number of the more virulent hate groups with 5,000 or more Twitter followers, some accounts have been able to fly under the radar.

With his 27,000 followers, Tony Ortega’s Twitter feed is exactly the sort of social media “hate hot spot” authorities should be watching. 

Facilitating hateful agendas is what Tony Ortega does best, after all, and the levels of negativity associated with Ortega’s social media presence demonstrate this conclusively. Especially as hate speech enthusiasts like Ortega – and attention paid to their incendiary remarks – have seen a sharp increase over the last five years. 

Tragically, as we have previously reported, the rise of these “hate speech hot spots” across social media have coincided with a rise in real world hate crimes. In 2015 alone, there were over 7,000 victims of hate crimes in the U.S., and nearly 60 percent of those were targeted due to their race, ethnicity, or religious affiliation.

The violent and intolerant rhetoric Tony Ortega trades in has clear track record of spilling from his online ranting into the real world. 

As wait to see the latest hate crime statistics due out the first quarter of 2021, we anticipate seeing the numbers of hate related activity rise, online and off. Because as long as bigots like Tony Ortega are given a free pass to post their hate online, we fear instances of hate will only continue to rise over time.

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