Tony Ortega & Leah Remini Close out the Year with a Whimper

It’s been a quiet few days from Tony and company as we reach the end of another long year of their seemingly endless deceit. Perhaps the distractions of the holidays have kept them so preoccupied with enjoying warmth and peace they’ve lost the drive to keep stoking the fires of hate and mistruth.

Tony was busy nonsensically once more trying to position himself as some kind of ridiculous authority on a religion he was never a part of and has never come close to understanding. In one of his tweets on the subject he absurdly offers up pronunciation lessons, with is usual appalling lack of respect for his supposed area of expertise.

For her part, Leah Remini was wasting everyone’s time hawking yet another box office bomb she’s trying to cash in on. Amusingly enough, she took a few minutes out her charade of a press junket to respond to a tweet from a far-too polite poster who, apparently having just seen the box office poison in question, expressed her utter surprise at not thoroughly hating it.

We imagine it was with some embarrassment that Remini attempted to make a joke out of just having been damned with such faint praise, tweeting:

So much for the “mighty critics” this holiday season! We can only hope that the New Year will find them pursuing other interests… but who are we kidding. Hate is all they really know, and it’s only a matter of time until they are back to surprising none of us with their usual tricks.

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