Tony Ortega Mocks Disaster Relief Efforts

Tony Ortega, opportunist that he is, took full advantage of the tragedy of Hurricane Dorian this past week to further his campaign to smear Scientology. It really is stunning the lengths to which someone as petty and self-centered as Tony Ortega will go to make an already bad situation even worse.

In the wake of the Dorian’s destruction, which so far has left 20 dead and has damaged or totally destroyed thousands of homes, Tony Ortega took to the only platform willing to host his deranged rants — his shoddy, homemade ‘underground’ blog — to mock the sincere efforts of those volunteers who were willing to travel to the Bahamas to offer relief.

Executive Director of Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Florida, Glendy Goodsell, announced this week an ambitious plan to send 150 volunteers to join relief efforts in the Bahamas following the horrific hurricane.

Scientology volunteers will be distributing aid, water, and essential like food, diapers, cereal, and a host of other desperately needed amenities to bring some measure of relief to those affected by the chaos inflicted by the unprecedented storm.

But that’s not good enough for Tony apparently.

Even for someone as tone-deaf as Tony Ortega it’s nothing short of audaciously hypocritical to condemn offers of international assistance when he himself hasn’t personally so much as lifted a finger to help the people of the Bahamas.

For his part Tony Ortega vows he will ‘continue to monitor social media’ to see exactly how Scientology and its aid-giving partners deliver assistance. Of course he will, as it requires nothing more than sitting in his basement lair hitting the refresh button on his twitter feed. Such is the extent of Tony Ortega’s commitment to the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

There isn’t a shred of compassion or decency in him. All he has is his blind desire to tear down those who would step in to offer assistance in times of such dire need. To quote one sickeningly humorless observation in Ortega’s disgusting post, “disaster is fun”.

No Tony, it is not. Disaster ruins lives, devastates communities and compounds human misery. But then, ‘compounding human misery’ has always been about the only thing Tony Ortega consistently does.

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