Tony Ortega Mocks Employment

These are turbulent times for many in the United States of America. A recent Federal shutdown (the longest in our nation’s history), coupled with a slowing economy have seen rise in the economic hardship felt by many in this country.

It’s staggering then that from the safety of his underground lair Tony Ortega should feel so at ease taking aim at the daunting task of keeping people employed.

He writes:

Scientologists who are business owners are expected to manage them according to the writings of L. Ron Hubbard which are known as “Admin Tech.” The policies were written for managing a Scientology org or mission, but through the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) they have become the operating manual for any Scientologist in business. Like any other company WISE members recruit new employees, and we follow the help wanted ads to see what they reveal about Scientology.

If this isn’t grasping at straws what is! It seems Ortega’s usual game of sounding false alarms through his tired hysterical click-bait headlines taken a turn for the depressingly mundane.

Are stories so hard to find for him that now he is taking shots at classified ads looking to put those out of work into gainful employment? If things were even fractionally as dire inside Scientology as Ortega would have us believe would he really be scraping the bottom of the barrel by taking aim at the unemployed?

Once again Tony Ortega seems willfully ignorant of the sad irony underneath it all. Tony Ortega himself is unemployed. He hasn’t worked a regular, paying job in years. From what moral high ground does he cast dispersions on those who would seek to help others earn an honest living? Does he even understand what it means to earn a living? It’s painfully obvious he doesn’t know what ‘honest’ means.

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