Tony Ortega, No More Secrets

Tony Ortega is nothing if not a man of secrets. While sometimes those secrets are innocuous, as in his tight-lipped refusal to discuss the events surrounding his “exist” from the Village Voice, others carry with them the unmistakable air of willful malfeasance. Example: Ortega’s secret overseas bride, Fatimah Suryono Ortega, whose questionable legal status in the U.S. Ortega worked hard to keep hidden.

For a man who professes to be driven by a desire to call out hypocrisy, Ortega demonstrates more than enough of his own.

Apparently Tony Ortega’s extramarital affairs were not enough to satisfy ego-driven lusts. He wanted more. And so, against all reason, he found his 3rd wife.

While still married to Fatimah Suryono, Tony Ortega began dating Arielle Silverstein, a member of Anonymous who works at the United Nations.

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