Tony Ortega: One Big Lie

We ended our post yesterday noting how both Tony Ortega and his atheist, activist wife, Arielle Silverstein, are known liars. While being identified as a source of ‘bad faith’ information might not even register in atheist community, being a liar and calling yourself a journalist is and remains an unforgivable sin.

Not only does Tony Ortega often fabricate from whole cloth the “facts” he reports, he also insidiously inserts his own views into his reporting. Perhaps he does this under some misconceived private rationalization that he’s acting as some sort of “gossip columnist” rather than an objective reporter on things in Scientology. But if this is so, why then does he pretend his opinions and assertions are facts? And where is his evidence so we can see and evaluate it for ourselves? Well that’s confidential, Ortega will tell you.

Tragically, the majority of Tony Ortega’s readership believe he is an unbiased, objective journalist simply reporting the facts about Scientology as he discovers them. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

This becomes abundantly clear when you step back and look at his years of crackpot reporting on Scientology. The hate-filled rants he attempts to justify as “journalism” are anything but objective and unbiased. Indeed, any information that ends up benefiting the Church or getting them off the hook, Ortega labels as “apologism”. (Ironic coming from an apologist for history’s largest child sex trafficking platform!)

And yet, if we were to take Tony at his word (never a wise move, by the way) and assume he really does see himself as something more akin to a gossipy “Reporting Columnist”, that still doesn’t let him off the hook. The simple fact is that Tony Ortega does not make any of this clearly known to his readers in any way at all. Opinion pieces in newspapers are labeled as such, and for good reason – the public has a right to know if what they are reading is merely one person’s opinion.

Presenting opinion — or worse, Tony Ortega’s breathlessly deceptive gossip — as fact is despicably dishonest journalistic practice.

But, then, dishonesty is what Tony Ortega has built his brand on. From the his early days faking stories about kidnapped teenage rape victims to his famously disastrous attempts to defend Backpage as it sold teenagers to be sexually abused. In the end, the truest thing you can say about Tony Ortega is that his whole career has been one big lie.

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