Tony Ortega: Paid-off, Cast-off, And Discarded Like A Cheap Suit

We here at the blog believe we have made a strong case as to why Tony Ortega is a cancer in the sick world of so-called ‘tabloid journalism’ over the past weeks and months.

As we have demonstrated, it is no coincidence that a fair share of what has made Tony so odious to so many is just how many lines running through his personal and professional career seem to intersect around the topic of illicit, deviant and and often dangerous attitudes towards the sexualization of women and young children for profit.

Long before the #MeToo movement which caused many men to rethink how they think about expressing their attitudes towards sex in the public square, Tony Ortega would arrogantly pontificate on the motives of others from the bully pulpit of his Village Voice editorial section.

In one of the more telling of the many flagrant examples of his sanctimonious screeds, Ortega wrote:

[The Backpage crackdown] involves guesses by activist professors, junk science by nonprofit groups trying to extract money from Congress, and manipulation by religious groups hiding their real agendas about sex work.”

The apparent pleasure Tony Ortega seems to take with judging the motives has us here at the blog wondering exactly what Ortega’s motives in all this might be. Is this all merely an expression of his deepest-held beliefs about freedom of speech and the rights of mega-corporations to abuse the weak and marginalized? Or might there be some other decidedly less noble reason why Tony was so keen to take up Backpage’s cause….

Following and in-depth investigation, we here at the blog can reveal to our readers that in the months after Backpage was shut down, Ortega and dozens of journalists at The Village Voice (and various other sleazy tabloid weeklies owned by the same parent company) each received mysterious envelopes with a $5,000-checks, courtesy of the Backpage bosses, Michael Lacey and James Larkin.

The checks came with no explanation, but media pundits openly speculate that this money was intended to buy their former employees’ loyalty as they prepared to move to trial.

None of us should be surprised to hear any of this of course. After all, Tony Ortega is not exactly a man of principle or integrity. Far from it! Tony is, and has always been, motived solely by craven self-interest and greed — which is precisely what made him the perfect sucker to be used up then paid-off, cast-off and summarily discarded like a cheap suit by the mob-like pimp kingpins pulling the strings at Backpage.

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