Tony Ortega Protégé Convicted of Assault

In a recent post we blew the whistle on a number of Tony Ortega’s known ‘underground’ accomplices. Today we’re zeroing in and turning the spotlight on one of his more egregiously combative underlings who, unsurprisingly, recently found himself running afoul of Irish authorities.

Tony Ortega has long associated with criminals and lowlifes and given his modus operandi to lie, falsify, and generate controversy in the hopes of making some kind of name for himself, it should come as no great shock to learn that some of his blindly-obedient followers would sooner or later cross the blurred line separating dangerously inflammatory rhetoric and physical violence.

Enter Ortega’s unstable Irish disciple, John McGhee.

Much like his idol Tony Ortega, McGhee himself is a militant anti-Scientologist. Having drunk from the same well of intolerance and narrow-minded bigotry as Ortega, McGhee took the next step by turning Ortega’s cowardly harassing invective into real-world assault against a female Scientologist and the gentleman with her.

The video below shows it all as it unfolds. It was enough to convince a magistrate of the Irish courts to convict McGhee on charges of harassment and assault. As the Irish Examiner reports, McGhee’s two victims, Ms. Collins and Mr. O’Donnell were awarded damages for harassment and assault, €3,500 against Mr McGhee and €2,000 against his accomplice, Peter Griffiths, over the incident.

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